Best IoT course in Salem

In the rapidly growing technology world it is must to have knowledge about the thriving technologies. Learning a new technology will always keep you in a safer side when it comes to work. Get assured job once you complete the course at IMAGECON INDIA at Salem.

Internet of Things (IoT) course at Salem

We bring it to your mist where you can easily contact us to learn the booming technologies in the industrial world. Our major objective is to shower in depth knowledge about IoT and its practical applications. We ensure that the individual taking up this course is furnished with wide range of knowledge.

What will you learn?

    We give major priority to gain the desired output from the students.

  1. You will be answered all about Internet of Things throughout the course completion and later on too (Life time support is provided).
  2. You will be allowed to work on various IoT devices like  Arduino, NodeMCU and Raspberry Pi
  3. You get a chance to design some of the IoT applications
  4. Gain knowledge about the recent trends of IoT technologies.
  5. Get a chance to expose yourself to industrial projects

Who can take up the course?

It is open to everyone who has keen interest to learn new technologies.  Students of any branch/ degree, developers, and technical designers are always welcome.

Training features provided at IMAGECON INDIA at Salem

  1. Internet of Things (IoT) is an 80 hours dual methodology training program. Which consists of 40 hours Instructor led theory classes and 40 hours Instructor assist practical lab sessions. The individual is allowed to develop live projects based on any selected real time concepts.
  2. Assignments are given after the end of each session to boost up confidence and it is an add on to the skill meter certificate.
  3. Dual certification is provided to the individual towards the end of the course. The students are furnished with course completion certificate and skill meter certificate.

The skill meter certificate evaluates your personal and professional behavior which is undoubtedly an add on for all the students.

IoT job opportunities

    The demand for IoT job opportunities are drastically increasing day by day. Tier one industries are always looking for individuals who is well versed at this platform. Sectors like retail, finance, healthcare, travel and hospitality are open to the students who hold a course certificate on IoT.  A course certificate is an icing to your cake.

Check about the IoT job opportunities at (      )

   Get yourself trained with the best training center IMAGECON INDIA at Salem to fly with colors in your future.

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