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Cloud Computing course in Salem | Why to learn Microsoft Azure | Microsoft Azure course at Imagecon Academy, Salem

As we all live in the world with continuous evolution, we tend to overcome the new innovations that are being emerging in our day-to-day life. As a result of this, all organizations and industries are required to drive their action towards new types of innovation where the digital transformation actually plays a role. In this case, Cloud computing has a key job where it becomes the cause for the transformation.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing simply refers to the cycle of storage, maintenance, management, Analytics, Processing and security of information which allows the user to access the technology services from any of the cloud providers.

Cloud computing has emerged to be the on-demand service for all the IT resources because of its pay as you go model and the virtual access to all of the technology services via a cloud provider like Amazon web service and so on.

Why Do Businesses adopt Cloud Service?

In recent days, Organisations have seen enormous growth and improved effectiveness because of implementing cloud computing as a service. It empowers the organisation to remain applicable and relevant in a dynamic environment. As industries began implementing their processes in a digital space, they require cost, work productivity, flexibility and adaptability.

Today, distributed cloud computing services and cloud platforms are quickly developing across all enterprises, mainly serving as the IT foundation gives rise to new digital businesses. Indeed, more than 70% of organizations have adopted cloud computing infrastructure in their service.

In Spite of many cloud computing platforms available, Microsoft Azure and Amazon web services are the two main platforms that rule the world of cloud computing.

Microsoft Azure as a Cloud provider

Microsoft Azure was initially launched in 2010 as a product of Microsoft cloud service provider. It is basically a free platform wherein you need to pay only for the services that you opt for.

Microsoft Azure is an online portal and a cloud computing platform permits you to manage and access all the cloud resources provided by Microsoft. These services can simply store your data and transform it on the basis of your prerequisites.

Microsoft Azure is considered to be the only hybrid cloud because of its numerous services and resources. Practically, Microsoft Azure covers most of the areas that businesses would like to adopt.

Services provided by Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure basically provides 200+ services categorized into 18 forms. These include compute services, storage, web services, networking, Internet of Things, Machine learning, security, developer tools, database management, artificial Intelligence and so on. It also provides virtual machine for any OS, cloud service to make the applications scalable within the cloud, service fabric to develop a microservice and functions to create as many applications in any of the programming languages.

Why Azure

Azure has got a lot of benefits as a cloud computing platform and because of the following reasons it stands unique among other online portals.

  • Microsoft Azure’s on-request permitting model gives organizations the access to latest innovations and edge-cutting technology which other platforms fail to give.
  • Microsoft Azure provides intelligent tools and developer tools which allow the businesses to transform their operations digitally and hence increasing their productivity.
  • The integrate and sync features of Microsoft Azure allows you to integrate different virtual devices and sync in when needed
  • Microsoft Azure lets you create any kind of web application and testing is also done once the development is over.
  • Azure offers high security in that way, organizations find it easier to hold their client information confidentially.

Azure for data backup and recovery

Organizations are allowed to use Azure as their own data center and they find it data secured because of its scalability and availability rather than using any of the local servers. Azure data centers are almost located in 140 countries and 58 regions as of 2020. Azure data centers help the organizations to store a large amount of data and also supports data backup and recovery.

Cloud computing course at Imagecon academy

As cloud computing seems to be an emerging technology, scope for job opportunities is also high. At any time, if you wish to learn or start a career in Azure, then this is the right place for you. Imagecon academy in Salem offers you the certification course for cloud computing and Microsoft Azure where you can get certified as well master the cloud computing skills.

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