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Every software developer, product designer and a coder would definitely feel overwhelmed by the super-high speed at which our industry advances and it seems to be fine. Every techies feel that way once in a while, particularly when attempting to stay aware of the most recent trending languages. 

Certainly, there are loads of programming languages and indeed new ones are being created very often. Do you need to get familiar with every one of them? Obviously not. 

To start with, it is important to find out the top programming languages that are being on-demand in the industry. 

In reference to this, TIOBE programming index has revealed a report that states JAVA as the leading programming language with about 8.3% popularity which was also proved by PYPL index. As indicated by Tiobe, Java takes the first position among the well known programming languages since its creation during the 90s. 

This article clearly explains the interesting thing that how JAVA consistently remains to be the top 1 or 2 programming language for the past 22 years. 

Why is JAVA popular?

The following reasons clearly explain the popularity of Java programming language and the advantages behind it

Code once, execute anytime

The fundamental strength of Java is that it is easy to code and simple to run and hence why numerous designers program in it. At the point when you compose Java code once, you can run it anyplace whenever and this makes java more special. Java can be utilized to create applications that can run on a solitary PC or be circulated across server-client networks. Java is also incorporated into popular internet browsers, and even into electronic gadgets like PDAs, mobile phones and TV top boxes. 

Java is object-oriented

As Java being an object-oriented language, it supports all the oop concepts such as Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism and Inheritance. Since the best pattern and different designs can be utilized with Java, we can say it as a 100% object-oriented programming language. Java allows engineers to manage object dependency apart from advancing the use of object-oriented principles through open-source platforms

Java is platform independent

Since the Java byte code can run on all platforms(operating systems), it is simply called platform independent. The javac compiler produces a byte code which can be simply executed on a wide range of operating systems which is not normal for other programming languages. It is because the byte code needs only the Java virtual machine(JVM) and it doesn’t rely on the working framework.

Java is secure

Since the whole java program and the platform was built securely, it allows the users to download unauthorised codes over the internet and then run it safely without causing any harm to their host framework and without any virus threat. And this one factor makes Java completely interesting and unique from other programming languages. Java compiler additionally recommends changes to the program that makes it free from errors and thus improve its realness.

Java is a dynamic programming language

The java class along with the compilation of java code is loaded into independent files which then will be loaded into the java interpreter whenever needed. The application can choose which class it needs and will stack it into the interpreter as per prerequisite. A program can subsequently broaden itself and extend its functionalities by stacking itself into the classes. This makes java dynamic in nature and extensible.

Java is an overall programming language and is popular all around the universe because of its strength and versatility. Globally there are around 10 million java engineers and this community consistently grows as the new innovation occurs.

Java course at Imagecon Academy, Salem

Java career options are growing high and hence why learning java is more popular among the tech community. Imagecon Academy in Salem provides Java certification course which makes a great sense for all the learners and coders. Apart from teaching, Imagecon academy imparts skills within you that makes you reach great success. Imagecon Academy in Salem comes up with various options for their students and helps them walk through their career path. Taking a Java course at Imagecon academy helps you to master the skills and make you stand unique.

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