Best training institute for Data science in Bangalore

There are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being produced every day, the growth of data science is massive compared to other technologies. ImageCon India being a product development focuses on providing the latest technology to the student community. The fact that data scientist jobs are the most sought job roles in the world by glass door for four consecutive years proves that data scientist are significantly growing by years. 

ImageCon Academy Bangalore makes sure that real time experience is being given to the students through working on projects. We closely observe every problem and provide solution-driven approach.

Top 5 reasons to choose Data science

1.Huge demand for data scientist

Data science is undoubtedly growing profession in the recent times. Its attractive packages fish out everyone in the industry. There is an unlimited pool of vacancies required for data scientists

2. Higher pay scale

Compared to any other IT sector jobs the entry level data scientist gets payed better. In fact, according to Glassdoor the median salary of a beginning level data scientist is about US$109000 a year.

3. Higher positions

There are very few people who have the right skill set to become a data scientist. ImageCon Academy never fails to provide the actual skill necessary to survive in the industry. Data science is vastly abundant field which has ton number of opportunities.

4. Make smart products

Data science is no boring task compared to any other work of field. You get to explore with your ideas and make smart products for better customer experience. There is a vast range of possibilities that you can enjoy while building a problem-solving attitude.

5. Evolving field

Estimates say there is 97% of growth seen in this developing field which is learned from the past data. As data science continues to evolve, the job opportunities grow with them.

Why ImageCon Academy Institute in Bangalore is the best choice for Data Science

1.Up to date information

With data increasing constantly the way of approach keeps changing, we provide the latest way of approach which keeps the students engaged and up to date

2. Flexible training/learning

Learning does not depend on time. We make sure that the students get to learn according to their preferred timing. We arrange sessions accordingly. There are various number of courses which is time flexible.

3. Life time support

Learning is an everyday process, wherein the doubts that raises should not be a barrier in the learning journey. We have our 24/7 supportive trainers who clears the doubts and support them throughout their learning journey as well as even after the complete the course.

4. Job assured programs

Data science is the most popular job category we find on the internet. Once you take up data science course at ImageCon Academy Bangalore we assure you one hundred percent job right after.

Real-time examples:


The healthcare sector receives huge amount of data on a daily basis in which data science is used in most of the medical sectors. For process like medical image analysis, drug development. Data science helps to promote healthy lifestyle by suggesting healthy decisions.

2. Image Recognition

We all have experienced the benefits of image recognition whenever we use the internet. The page always comes up with similar searches and makes our job easier. This works with the help of data science.

3. Speech recognition

The best example of speech recognition would be Siri, Alexa Cortana etc. this product helps us in many different ways. Its user friendly and converts text to voice.

4. Transport

Transportation is a huge network of data which is managed in so many ways. Tracking of driver behavior, location of the vehicle, fuel indication and much more is handled by data science.

5. Security

Data privacy is highly prioritized these days to stay away from fraud. Data science is utilized to improve the company’s security and secure the data. For example, the data in banks are kept highly secure and machine learning algorithms are used to detect fraud based on any unusual activity.


  1. I think life time support is one of the biggest commitment Imagecon assures to those who believe Imagecon! Also, it focuses on quality training to the aspirants who seek career transformation!

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