Learn Machine Learning course in Salem

Learning developing technologies will make you to stand out from a crowd and to get hired instantly. Your job is assured when you take up this course at IMAGECON INDIA in Salem. We provide various added advantages to get hired quickly.

Machine Learning course at Salem

After a long run, here at your locality we provide the best course on machine learning using R and Python.  The course covers up all the main aspects of practical machine learning concepts. Why wait if you have the amazing opportunity to take up the best course to build up your career.

What will you learn?

   We engage ourselves to provide the best result for students.

  1. You will be answered all about Machine Learning using R and Python throughout the course completion and later on too (Life time support is provided)
  2. The harness the power of R and Python for practical Machine Learning.
  3. Learning how to read data into the R and Python Environment from various sources
  4. Carrying out basic data pre-processing &wrangling in R and Python studio
  5. To implement supervised learning techniques/ classification such as regression, SVM, KNN, Decision tree and Random Forests
  6. Implement Unsupervised/ Clustering Techniques such as Hierarchical clustering and DBSCAN, CLARA and K means Clustering
  7. Text Mining, Web Extraction and Web Scraping, Emotion mining
  8. To evaluate model performance & learn the best practices for evaluating Machine Learning Model Accuracy

Who can enroll for the course?

This course is open to everyone who has keen interest to learn new technologies. Students of any branch/ degree, developers, and technical designers are always welcome.

Training features provided at IMAGECON INDIA

  1. Machine learning using R and Python is dealt with dual methodology training with includes theory as well as practical sessions. Various live projects based on real time concepts are worked on.
  2. Assignments are given after the end of each session to boost up confidence and it is an add on to the skill meter certificate.
  3. Dual certification is provided to the individual towards the end of the course. The students are furnished with course completion certificate and skill meter certificate.

The skill meter certificate evaluates your personal and professional behavior which is undoubtedly an add on for all the students at the best training center at Salem.

Machine Learning Job Opportunities

The demand for the thriving technologies increase every single day. Backup courses are much necessary to shine out best. Top companies are looking out for students who have this course. Sectors like retail, finance, healthcare, travel and hospitality are open to the students who hold a course certificate on Machine learning.

Check about various machine learning job opportunities at (        )

Get trained with the top training center IMAGECON INDIA in Salem to shine out the best in the student community.

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