The scope of Data Science/ Big Data

Data Science/ Big Data is the new concept revolving around. There are various importance of data science in the technological world. To grasp about what data science is and about its scope, continue reading

What is Data Science?

Data science keeps on advancing as one of the most encouraging and sought after vocation ways for gifted experts.

Data science is the study of data. It involves developing methods of recording, storing, and analyzing data to effectively extract useful information. The goal of datascience is to gain insights and knowledge from any type of data — both structured and unstructured.

Who’s the father of Data Science?

The term “Data Science” was coined at the beginning of the 21st Century. It is attributed to William S. Cleveland who, in 2001

Where Data Science is implemented – Applications?

There are various budding trends in Data Science which has got its own reach, few of them are

  1. Image Recognition

You upload your image with your friends on Facebook and you start getting suggestions to tag your friends, this automatic tag suggestion feature uses face recognition algorithm. Similarly, while using WhatsApp web, you can scan a barcode using your phone. All these comes under image recognition and Google provides you the option to search for images by uploading them. The image recognition technique is implemented in this case.   

  • Fraud and Risk Detection

This application was come up by the finance department. The companies faced debts and losses every year. But they had lot of data of the individual using the initial paper work. There Data Science came in role to come up from the losses. Over the years. The banking sector dealt with all the losses they faced via customer profiling, past expenditure and other essential variables to analyse the probabilities of risk and default.

  • Gaming

Games nowadays are designed using machine learning algorithms which improve as well as upgrade themselves as the player moves up to a higher level. In motion gaming also, your opponent which is the computer analyzes your previous moves and accordingly and then shapes up the game.

There are various applications of Data Science in this technological world, which has got its own importance to be dealt with.

Why Data Science is needed?

Data Science is needed for various platforms for different functions. It is fairly common for the Data Scientist to have previous experience in infrastructure design, cloud computing, and data warehousing.

  1. Data Science enhances management and officers to make better decisions.            
  2. It is used for better marketing purpose.
  3. For enriching peoples life and giving way for new innovations

Popular Data Science Jobs

There is a huge vacancy out there in the industry for the ones who holds knowledge on Data Science. The corporate world is ready to hire predominantly talented people with keen knowledge about IoT. Few of them are

  1. Data and Analytics Manager
  2. Data Architect
  3. Principal Scientist
  4. Data Engineer
  5. NLP Engineer
  6. Data Engineer Designer

Grab hand full of opportunities once you gain knowledge about Data Science.

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